Package Design
Packaging that maximizes shelf presence & enhances sell through at store level are signatures of our design approach.
The last 90 feet are the new retail battleground.
Snack ups
Our passion and expertise in retail merchandising and marketing enables us to develop innovative, cost efficient package designs that increase shelf appeal; encourage impulse purchase and maximizes product sell through.
Results line
Since launching this new brand, SNACK UPS has consistently achieved #2 share in unit sales in this category.
Consumers want brands for the quality assurance and the emotional satisfaction they provide.
Brands are defined by customers – not companies.
Involve line
Socially engaging value added CRM programs that delivered incremental increases in seasonal sales & new listings.
The new positioning of ‘premium’ store brands is revolutionizing the retail landscape.
Slim assist
The consumer is our inspiration. Customers understand the value of private label better than many brand owners and retailers.
Inspire line
Packaging that enhances product taste appeal & flavour was developed to relaunch this category in Spring 2010.
In the U.S., private labels have outperformed manufactured brands in all but one of the last ten years.
Wrap 'n go
Building a brand means building bridges and connecting with the customer at both an emotional and intellectual level.
Engage line
Consolidating a wide range of household products under one new brand umbrella catapulted sales in this category.
Convenience has become the most important factor when it comes to choosing what to eat for breakfast.
Brunch on the go
Effective package design is all about creating a bond between your brand and the consumer wants and needs.
Impulse line
Post launch sales for entry into this new category exceeded all expectations.
41% of shoppers now identify themselves as “frequent” buyers of store brands or private labels.
Health assist
Brands that offer superior products at a good price and better brand experience will win the battle in store.
Excel line
These award winning packaging concepts created new reasons for consumers to buy, improving margins and exceeding all sales expectations.
Store brands are increasingly imbued with emotion and imagery rather than only with functional logic.
Rexall soak up
We strive to surprise and delight the shopper by exceeding their expectations on the quality, value and innovation of your packaging.
Innovate line
Repositioning based on consumer benefits breathed new life and sales growth into these core household basics.